What Is the Career Path in Warehousing and Logistics?
Why you should consider a career in Logistics
May 2, 2017
Top 5 Skills Employers Are Looking For Today
May 11, 2017

If you’re thinking about getting started in warehousing or logistics, it might be a good idea for you to take some time to map out what your career path might look like. Often people start out in an entry level role and while learning on the job, progress through the company. But what if you are still looking for that first job role? What if you have goals to be a supervisor or team leader? Planning what skills you might need for these higher paying roles is the first step.


For many areas in warehousing and logistics, it’s best if you have either a relevant qualification. A Certificate III in Warehousing Operations or Certificate III in Logistics both give you a great basic knowledge and skills that employers are looking for. Plus both courses will give you both theoretical and hands-on experience, so it can just be a matter of whichever one suits your lifestyle the best.

Develop Skills

To back up any training you do, employers really want are the skills and experiences to get the job done right. Before you start your career in warehousing and logistics, it’s a good idea to start small—begin with a part time job to gain valuable insight into the industry.

Nothing looks better on a resume than actual experience. Don’t rule out experiences you have had in other job roles that give you the same skills. You may not have worked in a warehouse before but that part time job after school working at a supermarket still gave you skills in stock counting, stock rotation, customer service and manual handling.

Partner with Recruitment Companies

A lot of job seekers don’t know what the next step is on the path to finding their career. Recruitment companies take the hassle out of job-hunting because they’re experts at what they do. Matching you with the right company and with the right position is their main priority.

One of the best advantages to working with recruitment companies is their exclusive access to some of the best warehousing and logistics jobs in the country.